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Vicia faba L.

Faba bona Medik.
Faba vulgaris Moench
Faba vulgaris var. major Harz
Faba vulgaris var. minor Harz
Faba vulgaris var. minuta hort. ex Alef.
Vicia faba var. major (Harz) Beck
Vicia faba var. minor (Harz) Beck

Group: Dicot
Family: Fabaceae - Pea family
Duration: Annual
Growth Habit: Vine, Forb/herb

Tribal Name: Kaime shumi (Chakma).

English Name: Horsebean.

Description of the Plant:

Annual herb; stems large, unbranched with 1 or more stems from the base. Leaves compound, leaflets usually 6 large broad, oval; flowers large, white with dark purple markings, horne short pedicels in clusters of 1-5 in axils of leaves; Fruits a pod, 1-4 pods, developing from each flower cluster.

Vicia faba L.

Vicia faba L.

Mode of Uses:

The fruits are eaten boiled. The fruits are also cooked as vegetables (Chakma and Tripura).


Cultivated throughout Bangladesh.

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