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Vernonia patula (Dryand.) Merrill

Group: Dicot
Family: Asteraceae - Aster family
Duration: Annual
Growth Habit: Herb

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Kuksim, Chhotokuksim, Shial lata, Shialmutra, Sahadebi, Dankuni.

Tribal Name: Dando uppon (Chakma), Proydoy-kamnnuch (Khumi), Loo Hu (Murong), Hung Fui (Marma).

English Name: Ash-coloured Fleabane, Purple Fleabane.

Description of the Plant:

An scandent herb. Leaves alternate, simple, lanceolate. Flowers in heads, purple. Fruits cypsela, oblong, angular.

Chemical Constituents:

Lupeol palmitate, a-amyrin palmitate, dotriacontanoic acid and stigmasterol- ß -D-gluco-pyranoside have been isolated from the aerial parts. Other chemical constituents of the plant include stigmasterol, ß-amyrin, lupeol, ß-amyrin acetate, ß-amyrin benzoate, lupeol acetate, ß-sitosterol, a-spinasterol, copper and potassium chloride (Ghani, 2003; Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1990).

Mode of Uses:

The plant extract is applied to the affected eye to treat conjunctivitis and a leaf extract is taken for tonsilitis (Chakma).

Tie seven piece (size 1/2 inch each) of stem with a thread round the neck or hand for the treatment of fever. Paste prepared from leaves is applied to forehead for the remedy of headache (Khumi).


Throughout Bangladesh in fallow lands.

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