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Terms of Uses

The contents of the database are subjected to protect Intellectual Property Rights of the owners.

Images in this site are copyrighted. Usage of these images for any commercial purpose without prior written consent is illegal and strictly prohibited.

All contents of this web site are copyrighted. Redistribution, retransmission, republication or commercial exploitation of the contents of this website are expressly prohibited without the written consent of Dr. Shaikh Bokhtear Uddin, Associate Professor, Ethnobotany Laboratory, Department of Botany, Chittagong University, Chittagong 4331, Bangladesh. All rights reserved. Please see our Copyright Statement for further information.

The information on this site is intended for educational and research purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. Authority of the Bangladesh Ethnobotany Online Database does not endorse or test products, nor does it verify the content or claims made, either implicit or explicit. BEOD does not accept responsibility for the consequences of the use of this information or its most up-to-date accuracy.

Instructions for Using Raintree's Copyrighted Images and Text for Non-Commercial Use.

For Students:

Instructions for Using BEOD Images and Information.

If you are doing a school report that is printed out and turned in to class in hard copy or used in a Power point presentation, you automatically have our permission to print out any of our pictures and/or information to use for your report.

For Teachers and Researchers:

Instructions for Using BEOD Images and Information.

If you would like to print out any pictures or information to use in class as classroom materials, you automatically have our permission to do so. You also have permission to copy images into a Power point presentation (or similar) for use in class and/or to link to our website for online classroom instruction or assignments with the citation of the website.

For Students and Teachers Doing Online Internet Reports, Web Pages, Internet Classroom Projects and Personal Web Pages:

If you are doing a project, report, online classroom assignment, or personal web page/site on the rainforest which will appear on the internet and/or a webpage and want to use our images, you MUST follow these directions:

  1. Email roben68@gmail.com with the information of which images and/or pictures you want to use and the URL / address on the internet where they will appear.
  2. Copy the images and place them on your own server. Do NOT load any images onto your web pages by just using the html link to load the image(s) off of the BEOD server.
  3. Next to or below each and every image that you obtain from BEOD, the following text must appear:

    Copyright © Dr. Shaikh Bokhtear Uddin

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