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Pueraria tuberosa DC.

Synonyms: Hedysarum tuberosum Roxb. ex Willd.

Group: Dicot
Family: Fabaceae - Pea family
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit: Climber

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Shemia batraj.

Tribal Name: Lekuie (Khumi), Aidot tang alu (Chakma), Tw- Mrong ok (Marma), Tha Rom (Tripura).

Description of the Plant:

A large perennial climber, with a large tuberous roots. Leaves trifoliate; the terminal broadly ovate, ovate-oblong. Flowers blue or purplish blue, in racemes. Pods flatdensely clothed with long, silky, bristly brown hairs.

Chemical Constituents:

Roots contain ß-sitosterol, stigmasterol, daidzein, puerarin and a new isoflavone C-glycoside - 4',6''-diacetylpuerarin. A new pterocarpan - tuberosin has also been isolated from roots and tubers (Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1990 & 93).

Mode of Uses:

Sap of the climber is as applied to cuts to stop hemorrhages. In addition dye prepared from the stem (climber) is used for dyeing cotton thread (Khumi).

Tubers are used as vegetables after cooking(Chakma, Tripura, Marma) .

Pueraria tuberosa DC.

Pueraria tuberosa DC.


Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts.

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