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Myristica fragrans Houtt.

Synonyms: Myristica officinalis L. f.

Group: Dicot
Family: Myristicaceae - Nutmeg family
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit: Tree

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Jaifal.

Description of the Plant:

A lofty tree; branches skender. Leaves coriaceous, sometimes oblanceolate and tip candate, base acute, pale yellow brown, pales with red-brown nerves beneath. Male racemes flower long, ellipsoid or ceolate, nodding; bracteolate a scale under the glabrate perianth; bracteilate ovoid, sub-globose or pyriform.

Mode of Uses:

Powder prepared from root, have been three to four tea spoonfuls taken twice daily until cured to treat burning, general weakness, headache and insomnia (Rakhaing).


Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts.

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