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Imperatacylindrica Rausch.

Synonyms: Imperata arundinacea Cyrill.

Group: Monocot
Family: Poaceae - Grass family
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit: Herb

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Ulu.

Tribal Name: Chida (Murang).

Description of the Plant:

Rootstock creeping. Stem 30-90 cm, solid, nodes glabrous or bearded. Leaves erect, often exceeding the stem. Panicle 7-20 cm, silvery with dark anthers.Spikelets 3-4 mm.

Chemical Constituents:

Five triterpenoids – arundoin, cylindrin, fernecol, isoarborinol and simiarenol have been isolated from rhizome. Culms and blades contain 7 triterpenoids, Me-esters and serotonin (Asolkat et al., 1992).

Mode of Uses:

Roots crushed on stones and the extract is taken to treat fever. The plants isused as thatching material(Murang).


All over the country in ponds lakes and swamps.

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