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Hyptis suaveolens (L.)Poit.

Synonyms: Ballota suaveolens L.

Group: Dicot
Family: Lamiaceae - Mint family
Duration: Annual, Perennial
Growth Habit: Subshrub

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Tokma, Ganja Tulsi, Bilati Tulsi, Kusmai (Rema-Kalenga)

Tribal Name: Janguli jangol, Chongadana, Thomma (Chakma), Ky-sy-sheiyprang (Khumi), Sikalma, Chang Kasey (Marma), Moran lumia (Murang), Thukma (Tanchangya).

English Name: Horehound, Pignut, Wild spikenard.

Description of the Plant:

A tall, coarse, aromatic, annual herb with 4 angled stems. Leaves ovate, sinuate and crenate-denticulate, hairy.Flowers small, blue in axillary racemiform cymes or cymes collected into thyrsiform almost leafless panicles. Nutlets compressed ovoid, oblong.

Chemical Constituents:

Leaves twigs and flowers yield an essential oil containing ß-caryophyllens, cineol, terpenol, a-bergamotene, sabinene, menthol, l-sabinene, d-limonene and azulenic sesquiterpenes. Leaves and flowers also contain campesterol and fucosterol. Seeds contain anti-A haemagglutinin (Ghani, 2003).

Roots contain ß-sitosterol, oleanolic and a-peltoboykinolic acids (Asolkar et al., 1992). Two new diterpenes suaveolic acid and suaveolol have also been isolated from this plant (Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1993).

Hyptis suaveolens (L.)Poit.

Hyptis suaveolens (L.)Poit.

Mode of Uses:

  • A root extact is taken for high fever and seeds are taken for the treatment of urethritis.Seed extract is taken for the remedy of urinary complications (Chakma).
  • The seeds are used to prepare soft drinks is taken as body cooling and to treat constipation. Juice prepared from root by crushing on stone is taken for treatment of stomach pain (Khumi).
  • Extract prepared from stem, mixed with alcohol and taken for griping. The alcoholic extract with salt taken if stool become hard (Tenemus during constipation) and without salt if stool become soft or loose motion (Marma).
  • Seed extract is taken in urinary tract inflammation (Murang).
  • The seeds are used in soft drink (Chakma, Marma).


Plenty in Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts, also in fallow lands of other areas.

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