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Gymnopetalum cochinchinense (Lour.) Kurz.

Synonyms: Bryonia cochinchinensis Lour.

Group: Dicot
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit: Climber

Tribal Name: Aachoroy (Khumi), Meliotrima (Marma), Ting-Tow (Murang).

Description of the Plant:

A rather slender creeper or climber; stem scabrid, hairy. Leaves reniform to triangular, 5-angled or lobed half way, edges crenate-dentate.Male peduncle 2 from each axil, 1-flowered, other recemose; females 1-flowered; petals white, ovate-oblong. Fruits 10 ribbed beaked, orange.

Mode of Uses:

A paste of the green fruits is applied to affected areas for treatment of skin disease (locally called kadma). Paste prepared from root is used to rub the body for the remedy of body pain (Khumi).

The plant is given to women in labour as a composition of a special drug. Root paste mixed with hot water is rubbed on the body in body-ache and atrophy of limb (Marma).

Fruit is used as shampoo. Tip of the plant is boiled to prepare pickle (Murang).


More or less throughout the country.

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