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Ficus benghalensis L.

Ficus oligodon Miq.
Ficus roxburghii Wall.ex Steud.

Group: Dicot
Family: Moraceae - Mulberry family
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit: Tree

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Bot, Krishna Bot.

Tribal Name: Ramthet, Gonok (Garo), Pom- sheng (Murang), Bot Gaith (Tanchangya).

English Name: Roxburgh fig.

Description of the Plant:

A large spreading, evergreen or semi-deciduous tree of low stature (trunk), sending down many aerial roots from the branches. All parts contain white latex. Leaves coriaceous, ovate or elliptic, entire.Receptacles sessile, in pairs, axillary, globose, puberulous, red when ripe.

Mode of Uses:

The crushed bark is taken for the relief of hydrophobia, a symptom of rabies (Chakma).

Juice of root is taken in diabetes and dysentery (Murang).

Ficus benghalensis L.

Ficus benghalensis L.


Common throughout Bangladesh.

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