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Drynaria quercifolia (L.) J. Sm.

Synonyms: Polypodium quercifolium L.

Group: Fern
Family: Drynariaceae
Duration: Annual
Growth Habit: Perennial

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Pankhiraj, Pankha, Garur , Ghuri.

Tribal Name: Chilova (Chakma, Tanchangya), Chilovasa; Layttamas (Chakma), Fo-lo-rere (Marma), Nashy- prampap (Murang).

Description of the Plant:

Epiphytic or lithophytic fern with dimorphic digitate fronds. Rhizome creeping, densely clothed with red-brown scales. Fronds coriaceous or subcoriaceous of two kinds, sterile ones varying in size from 7.5-30 cm or more, cordate-ovate variously lobate-pinnate, green when young, soon turning dark brown; fertile ones 60-90 cm long, petiolate, broad-ovate, deeply pinnatifid.

Mode of Uses:

  • A rhizome extract is taken for jaundice; a paste of leaves of Dendrobium aphyllum and Drynaria quercifolia is applied to affected areas for the treatment of abnormal head structure of children; an infusion of plants of Cymbidium aloifolium and Drynaria quercifolia is used for bathing to treat tetanus and a paste of roots is taken with palm molasses for the treatment of chest pain (Chakma).
  • Peeled rhizome is chewed or its juice mixed with sugar is taken in scanty urination and spermatorrhoea by the Marma tribe.
  • Extract of rhizome is carminative and leaf extract isanthelmintic (Murang).
  • A leaf extract is taken and rubbed on the chest for the treatment of chest pain (Tanchangya).
Drynaria quercifolia (L.) J. Sm.

Drynaria quercifolia (L.) J. Sm.


All over the country on tree trunk and shady old walls.

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