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Diospyros blancoi A. DC.

Cavanillea philippensis Desr.
Diospyros discolor Willd.
Diospyros philippensis (Desr.) Gurke

Group: Dicot
Family: Ebenaceae - Ebony family
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit: Tree

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Belati gub

English Name: Velvet apple

Description of the Plant:

A moderate sized dioecious tree. Leaves large oblong, acute, shining, glabrous, obovate, silvery, silky beneath. Flower regular, axillary, solitary. Fruits are coriaceous fleshy berry, attractive and curious. The oval or-oblate fruit has thin pink, brownish yellow, orange or purple red skin densely coated with short, golden brown or coppery hairs and is capped of the base with a dull-green stiff calyx. The fruits are elongated. Flowering time: March-April; Fruiting time: July-August.

Mode of Uses:

The soft flesh is whitish and aromatic. Some people many find the odor unpleasant, similar to that at staring cheese, but the pulp has pleasant test to eat(Dinajpur).


Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts and North Bengal.

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