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Dioscorea esculenta (Lour.) Burkill

Dioscorea aculeata L.
Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb.
Dioscorea sativa auct.
Oncus esculentus Lour.

Group: Monocot
Family: Dioscoreaceae - Yam family
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit: Vine

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Jointa alu, Maitya Alu

Tribal Name: Huishudui (Khumi), Pile alu (Chakma), Aapang (Marma), Kurma Budo (Marma), Tha Mamarwrak (Tripura)

Description of the Plant:

Twining annual herbs, tubers oblong, stem twining to the right. Leaves simple, opposite, glabrous.Male inflorescence of spikes, axillary.Female inflorescence of spike ascending.

Mode of Uses:

Tuber cooked as vegetable (Khumi).

Tubers are eaten as food after boiling or roasting(Chakma, Marma).

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