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Clitoria ternatea L.

Clitoria albiflora Mattei, Clitoria bracteata Poir.
Clitoria tanganicensis Micheli, Clitoria zanzibarensis Vatke

Duration: Perennial
Family: Fabaceae - Pea family
Group: Dicot
Growth Habit: Herb

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Aparajita, Nila.

Tribal Name: Amio (Marma), Bay Song Kra (Murang), Aowmabeowabong (Rakhaing)

English Name: Butterfly Pea.

Description of Plant:

Plants are herbs, vines, shrubs, trees, and lianas. Leaves are stipulate, nearly always alternate, and range from bipinnately or palmately compound to simple. Flowers are usually bisexual, actinomorphic to zygomorphic. Fruit is usually a legume. Seed often have a hard coat with hourglass-shaped cells, and sometimes bear a u-shaped line called a pleurogram.

Chemical Constituents:

Leaves contain a lactone aparajitin, glycosides of kaempferol, stigmastone, ß- and ?-sitosterols and d-lactone compounds. Seeds contain a fixed oil, tannins and a bitter resinous principle. They also contain cinnamic acid, flavonaol glycosides; hexacosanol, ß-sitosterol, ?-sitosterol and an anthoxanthin glucoside.

A phenol glycoside, 3,5,7,4'-tetrahydroxyflavone-3-rhamnoglycoside, an alkaloid, ethyl a-D-galactopyranoside and p-hydroxycinnamic acid polypeptide have been isolated from defatted seeds. Root bark contains tannin, taraxerol and taraxerone. Malvidin-3ß-glucoside, delphinidin-3ß-glucoside and 3'-methyl ether of delphinidin-3ß-glucoside have been isolated from blue flowers. Plant also contains stigmast-4-ene-3,6-dione. (Ghani, 2003; Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1990 & 93).

Clitoria ternatea L.

Clitoria ternatea L.

Using Information:

  • Fruit and leaves are used as vegetable. Fruit extract is used for the treatment of dysentery and diarrhea. Flower paste mixed with honey is taken daily for the treatment of cough (Murang).
  • Extract is prepared from flower and salt by boiling. This extract is taken two teaspoonfuls twice or thrice daily until cured to treat cough (Rakhaing).


Cultivated in gardens all over the country.


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