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Cissus repens Lamk.

Synonyms: Cissus cordata Roxb., Vitis repens (Lamk.)Wight & Arn.

Duration: Annual
Family: Vitaceae - Grape family
Group: Dicot
Growth Habit: Herb

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Marmarialata, Chhoto marmarialata

Tribal Name: Mormoijjya amila (Chakma), Owa Rong Si (Marma), Pong Kryang shi, Praw Ma, rui-rep (Murang), Chibong ludi (Tanchangya), Pepo mukhroi (Tripura).

Description of Plant:

Whole plant quite glabrous. Stem large thickly flashy, green with white rust, smooth, glaucous. Leaves membranous, ovate, triangular-ovate, cordate and acute to acuminate Inflorescence leaf-opposed cymes in corymbose panicle

Mode of Uses:

  • Leaves are cooked as vegetable. Leaves cooked with deer’s meat are considered to be special dish (Murang).
  • Young shoots are used in curries. Sometimes used as additive to bring a sour taste especially in fish items (Chakma, Marma and Tripura).
  • Leaf extracts are taken in fever (Tanchangya).
Cissus repens Lamk.

Cissus repens Lamk.


Forests of Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Rangamati, Mymensingh, Sylhet.

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