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Cissus rependa Vahl.

Synonyms: Vitis rependa (Vahl.) Weight & Arn., Vitis rosea Royal.

Duration: Perennial
Family: Vitaceae - Grape family
Group: Dicot
Growth Habit: Climber

Tribal Name: Angrori (Khumi), Ana mah (Marma).

Description of Plant:

A large woody climber with wrinkled soft stems; tendrill long, slender, forked. Leaves broadly cordate, coarsely crenate densely covered when young with rust coloured hairs. Flowers white, in axillary, divaricate, shortly pedunculate, corymbose cymes. Berry subglobose.

Mode of Uses:

Leaves are cooked as vegetable. Boiled leaf with crab is taken for the treatment of jaundice. In addition it increases the vision power (Khumi).


Forests of Chittagong, Cox's Bazar and Sylhet.

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