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Canna indica L.

Synonyms: Canna orientalis Rosc.

Duration: Annual
Family: Cannaceae - Pea family
Group: Monocot
Growth Habit: Herb

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Sarbajaya, Kalaboti.

Tribal Name: Tea-Teng (Murang).

English name: India Shot, Indian Bread- Shot.

Description of the plant:

A perennial, rhizomatous herb, with 1-1.7 m high stem. Leaves 15-45 cm long, lanceolate to ovate, or oval, caudate-acuminate. Flowers large brilliantly coloured, rather distant, in terminal spike. Fruit capsular, 3-celled, papillose, tubercled or echinate.

Chemical constituents:

Rootstock contains enzymes, triacontanol and mixture of stigmasterol, ß-sitosterol, campesterol and ß- lectin and traces of alkaloids (Asolkar et al. 1992; Ghani, 2003).

Mode of Uses:

Root extract is taken in abdominal pain. Also planted as ornamental (Murang).

Canna indica L.

Canna indica L.


Cultivated in the garden throughout the country.

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