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Bridelia montana (Roxb.) Willd.

Synonyms: Clutia montana Roxb.

Group: Dicot
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Growth Habit: Shrub
Duration: Perennial

Tribal Name: Chichalay (Marma).

Description of the Plant:

A large shrub or small tree. Leaves simple, rhombic-obovate, acute. Flowers pale green, in axillary or spicate sessile cluster. Drupes globose.

Mode of Uses:

Boil whole plant with water and taken bath by this warm water, twice or thrice daily by the Marma as a cure for weak eye sight of old women and general weakness.

Bridelia montana (Roxb.) Willd.

Bridelia montana (Roxb.) Willd.


Frequent in Hilly region.

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