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Bonamia semidigyna (Roxb.) Hallier f.

Group: Dicot
Family: Convolvulaceae - Morning-glory family
Growth Habit: Herb
Duration: Perennial

Tribal Name: Chikon gandhobhaduli (Tanchangya)

Description of the Plant:

A twiner. Stems densely reddish-brown, tomentose. Leaves ovate, broadly cordate. Flowers in axillary cymes, sometimes solitary, white.

Mode of Uses:

The root extract is taken to treat rheumatism (Tanchangya).

Leaves [together with 17 other plants (see Typhonium trilobatum)] are used to prepare a paste, which is applied to the affected areas for the treatment of elephantiasis (Tripur).


More or less throughout the country.

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