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Ampleocissus barbata (Wall.) Planch

Synonyms: Vitis barbata Wall.
Group: Dicot.
Family: Vitaceae
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit: Climbing shrub.

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Jarila-lahari.

Tribal Name: Khoissang (Chakma), Kanai Lak Ma; Dang gyai (Marma), Khartetoi (Tanchangya), Wakma mokroi (Tripura).

Description of the Plant:

A large climber with peduncles bearing tendrils; branches covered with long spreading hairs, dark brown or black. Leaves cordate-ovate, membranous, sinuate-dentate. Flowers small, sessile, in large, lax, ovate paniculate cymes. Fruit the size of a large current, black when ripe.

Mode of Uses:

  1. Crushed stems and tubers rubbed against swellings and body pains. In Khagrachari district, decoction of the leaves mixed with water is used as a bath in Jaundice. Paste prepared from roots applied to the boils of children to cure (Chakma).
  2. A paste prepared from roots is taken thrice daily for boils (Tanchangya).
  3. The roots [together with 17 other plants (see Typhonium trilobatum)] are used to prepare a paste which is applied to the affected areas for the treatment of elephantiasis (Tripura).
Ampleocissus barbata (Wall.) Planch

Ampleocissus barbata (Wall.) Planch


Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Dhaka, Tangail and Sylhet forests.

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