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Amorphophallus bulbifer (Roxb.) Bl.

Synonyms: Arum bulbiferum Roxb.

Group: Monocot
Family: Araceae - Arum family
Duration: Annual
Growth Habit: Herb

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Ol, Olkachu.

Tribal Name: Muraylla owl kanchu (Chakma), Engeiyea (Khumi), Krang shi Agong (Marma), Bulung batima (Tripura).

Description of the Plant:

An annual herb with large, depressed-globose, much-warted tubers. Leaves solitary, 3-partite, segments pinnatisect, appearing long after the flowers. Spathe 15-23 cm across. Spadix very stout; female inflorescence cylindric, male subturbinate, appendage dark-purple. Berries ovoid.

Mode of Uses:

  • Young petiole is eaten as a vegetable (Chakma).
  • Corm is cooked as vegetable (Khumi).
  • Leaf and young petioles are cooked as vegetable (Tripura).
Amorphophallus bulbifer (Roxb.) Bl.

Amorphophallus bulbifer (Roxb.) Bl.


Throughout the Bangladesh.

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