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Amischotolyphe mollissima (L.) Hassk. var. glabrata (Hassk.) Rolla Rao

Group : Monocot
Family: Commelinaceae
Duration : Annual
Growth Habit: Herb

Tribal Name: Cheyadiba (Chakma), Dagfolla (Tanchangya).

Description of the Plant:

An erect herb with simple stem, creeping below. Leaves broad, leaf sheath tubular, persisting. Sessile or subsessile flowers crowded in capitate or globose fascicles or dense cymes. Fruit a 3-valved loculicidal capsule.

Mode of Uses:

  • The crushed leaves of Amischotolyphe mollissima var. glabrata, paste prepared from the whole plant of Physalis minima and sap of onion. This mixure is taken thrice daily for the treatment of malaria (Chakma).
  • A root extract of Amischotolyphe mollissima var. glabrata is taken, and a paste of leaves is applied to affected areas, for the treatment of tumours (Tanchangya).


Throughout the country in moist low lands.

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