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Allophyllus triphyllus (Burm.f.) Merrill

Synonyms: Allophylus cobbe Bl.

Duration: Perennial
Family: Sapindaceae - Soapberry family
Group: Dicot
Growth Habit: Shrub

Tribal name: Si Sa Calaai, Kro Kaya Dung (Marma).

Description of the Plant:

A small shrub. Leaves trifoliate, very variable in size, shape, margin and surface, crowded at the extremities of the branches; petiole long, ferrugineo-pubescent; leaflets ovate or ovate-ob long. Flowers small, white, in spicate, axillary racemes. Fruits small, globose, red.

Mode of Uses:

The root extract is taken and paste of leaves mixed with leaf paste of Hymenodactylon excelsum and applied to affected areas for the treatment of goitre; an infusion of leaves of Azadirachta indica and Allophyllus triphyllus is used in baths for the treatment of scabies (Marma).

Allophyllus triphyllus (Burm.f.) Merrill

Allophyllus triphyllus (Burm.f.) Merrill


Forests of Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts and Cox’s Bazar.

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