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Acalypha indica L.

Synonyms: Acalypha mexicana Mull. Arg.
Acalypha indica L. var. mexicana (Mull. Arg.) Pax & K. Hoffm.
Acalypha poiretii Spreng.
Acalypha indica Vell.non L.

Duration: Annual
Family: Euphorbiaceae - Spurge family
Group: Dicot
Growth Habit: Herb

Bangla/Vernacular Name: Muktajhuri, Biralhatchi, Swetbasanta.

Tribal Name: Silikushum (Tripura).

English Name: Indian Acalypha.

Description of the Plant:

An annual, erect herb, up to 1 m high. Leaves ovate or rhomboid-ovate, crenate-serrate. Flowers in numerous lax, erect, elongated axillary spikes, the male minute, clustered near the summit of the spike, the females scattered, surrounded by a large, dentate, cuneiform bracts. Capsules small, hispid.

Acalypha Indica

Acalypha Indica L. All Rights Reserved.

Chemical Constituents:

The plant contains kaempferol, a cyanogenetic glucoside, a base, triacetonamine and an alkaloid, acalyphine. It also contains the amide, acalyphamide and some other amides, 2-methylanthraquinone, tri-O-methyl ellagic acid and ?-sitosterol, ß-sitosterol, ß-sitosterol glucoside, stigmasterol, n-octacosanol, quinine, tannin, resin and essential oil (Ghani, 2003).

Mode of Uses:

Roots with 13 other plants (see appendix 3, page 220) are used to make pills to be taken thrice daily before food for the treatment of abdominal tumours (Tripura)


In fallow lands throughout the country.

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